2 thoughts on “Prime Time Sports Podcast – Episode 2”

  1. We kick it up a notch this week with Sam back on the show along with new guest Patrick Long. As we do we like the NHL, many topics are covered from the Masters, Lexi Thompson, Tony Romo, MLB and more. NHL playoff match-ups are almost set with just a couple games to go as we take a look at upcoming games and dive into the decision not to join the 2018 Olympics. Enjoy!

  2. Enjoyed the show, still sticking with fowler or speith to take the masters this weekend. Also, the championship argument, even for football, is always weak at face value Dan Marino doesn’t have one but is regaled as one of the best ever and held all the passing records until the last few seasons with Peyton and Brady passing him. Jim Kelly is the same way never won one but still among the best. Championships alone do not reflect the quality of player if Ray Bourque had just retired a Bruin instead of going to Colorado would he be considered any less of a hall of fame defenseman? Ovie doesn’t need a cup to be considered an all-time great player from a stat perspective but in the general public perspective, he does because for the average fans that don’t dig deep into the archives the number of times you’ve won the ultimate prize in your sport becomes the universal measuring stick. Mario and Sid both have 2 cups while Chris Kunitz has 3 to someone who follows the game they know there is no comparison between Kuni and Mario and Sid, but to someone who doesn’t their picture can be distorted easily because of the large number of guys who don’t win championships but are great players. Keep the good stuff flowing boys, great show.

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